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Why Work With an Independent Life Insurance Agent?

Here at AFS, we do not work for any insurance company, we work for you! As an independent insurance agent, rather than working for one company and their limited options, we have access to over 30 of the most trusted, A+ rated companies for life insurance today. For you, that means better premiums, better underwriting, more coverage, and better value. So take some time and educate yourself on your needs. We recommend even going to your home or auto agent and having them quote you as well. Then make it a point to shoot us a phone call, email, or text to see how much money we’ll be saving you.

“Why buy your life insurance from an agent in another part of the country when the best choice is just down the road?” Sam Price

What is life insurance and how does it work?

The history of life insurance goes back for centuries but the need is still the same—there are those in your life who’s lives would be severely affected if you weren’t there. It could be your spouse, your children, your elderly parents who now depend on your income or you may even be a business owner asking the question, “what happens to my business and employees if I weren’t here?” Life insurance creates an immediate sum of money to pay your mortgage, debts, college for your children, and even replace lost retirement income for your spouse. These are all great reasons why you would objectively want life insurance. But there is a deep seeded, emotional appeal to life insurance as well as it provides security and peace of mind when you know that those who you care about the most are protected and provided for. 

Life insurance works by entering into an agreement with a life insurance company—you pay premiums for coverage and in return, they pay the sum of money to your dependents. It’s that simple. There are numerous types of life insurance, each with different benefits that will appeal to various people. But don’t get too lost in the weeds at this point. You know that you have a need and that’s the best place to start. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through what works best for you and your need based on your budget so that you’re completely happy and satisfied with what you have. Fair enough?

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Not everyone needs life insurance. If you’re young with no debts and no one who depends on you, you can probably wait until later to get it. But if you’re a husband or wife with children and especially if you’re the sole income-earner in the family, it is crucially important for you to have something in place. Every day there are families who are left with few options for survival with the loss of the main breadwinner. Crowd funding sites are full of requests for people who don’t have enough money to bury family members much less pay off a mortgage or provide a replacement of income to ensure the family has enough to survive.

We all have dreams and aspirations for those we love the most. Life insurance makes the completion of those dreams a possibility in the event that you’re not there to share in them. Sam Price

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